Ursynów for Ukraine

As part of our Ursynów action for Ukraine conducted together with local organizations: MAL Kajakowa 12b, SP340 in Warsaw – unofficial community website, Zielony Ursynów Association and amazing social activists and companies, we organized two humanitarian aid transports for Ukraine.

We received a power generator with many full boxes of articles and medicines collected and donated by Transbit – THANK YOU! ❤️

“Ursynów for Ukraine” is a group founded on the initiative of the residents of the Ursynów District of the Capital City of Warsaw. Of Warsaw, the Zielony Ursynów Association, the Dzieci Rodzice Szkoła Foundation, which works for the Borderland Culture Animation Association “Folkowisko” in Gorajec, supporting people crossing the Polish-Ukrainian border, as well as humanitarian and scouting organizations in Ukraine.

THANK YOU to all the companies and people who helped❤️

You are so amazing that the words sink in our throats and our hearts are filled with gratitude and pride WE THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!

Here you will find films from our action:






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