The program of the House Detectives Hansel and Gretel on the trail

For the Primary School in Stara Niedzialka, we have implemented, together with fantastic students, the recommended preventive program: The Program of Home Detectives Hansel and Gretel on the Trail😉🙂

You can read about the programs here:



Duration: 8-10 weeks.

The program is addressed to students aged 10-11 (grades 4 or 5 of primary school).

The second part of the program is the Fantastic Opportunities program (although it is recommended to be effective to maintain its effectiveness, it is not a requirement).

The aim of the “Hansel and Gretel on the trail” program is:

Alcohol initiation delay,

➡️reduction of alcohol consumption among adolescents,

➡️ Reducing the scale of alcohol-related problems in adolescents.

Previous studies show that early use of alcohol by children and adolescents:

✳ increases the risk of using psychoactive substances,

✳ influences the emergence of serious school or family difficulties,

It negatively affects the emotional and social sphere.


✅ focuses on the issue of drinking alcohol,

✅ gives an unambiguous and decisive message “DO NOT DRINK”,

✅ does not deal with issues related to smoking or the use of psychoactive substances,

✅ assumes close cooperation with parents or guardians.

Students – program participants create so-called Home Teams with adults, which work at home on the materials received from program implementers (these are four short thematic notebooks). Thanks to such activities, the desired changes in the behavior of adolescents are created and consolidated.

The program consists of two closely related parts: home and school.

Selected youth leaders, who (after training) receive specific tasks to be performed, also have a significant impact on the effectiveness of preventive actions.

The program is based on comic stories, uses elements of games and activities, which increases the involvement of participants and increases the preventive effect.

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